Why industrial roller doors in Adelaide are a good choice for security

Previously, industrial doors were only the domain of the roller shutter doors, roller doors being restricted to commercial, residential and garages. That was because an industrial door had to be made of very strong and thick gauge metals. Being thick these were not flexible enough to roll atop the roller spindle located at the top. Hence these were made of horizontal panels that were hinged together. With such an arrangement the shutter door was able to curl into a rolled component atop the roller box.

With the advent of improved technology in metals it is now possible to have a single metal screen door that is strong enough to serve industrial security concerns yet flexible and pliable enough to roll over in the roller box. In effect, the gap between the Industrial shutter door and the Industrial roller door has narrowed.  Industrial roller doors in Adelaide would offer a good solution to your security problems.

The installed industrial roller doors offer the main security to an Industrial set-up. Inventory, as well as machinery worth millions of dollars, is protected from vandals and robbery. In the case of a damaged door or one that has malfunctioned, the premises are vulnerable to vandals and thieves. Such a situation demands immediate rectification. For this reason, a 24/7 emergency repair service is available to customers. There are quite a few reasons for roller door damage, the primary one being damage to the door caused by vehicle impact, in most cases a forklift truck. There is a duo of solutions to a door impact, you can replace the complete roller door screen or repair the damaged door through panel beating. In the latter case, the owners can thank their lucky stars, for a repair to a roller door is a small fraction of the cost in comparison to replacing a complete roller shutter screen.

Some other frequent reason for a malfunctioning door being that it is nonoperational due to a jammed electric actuator motor or the railings and bearings getting stuck due to rust. This usually happens due to lubrication and greasing not being carried out. A twisted and warped railing guide, Electronic sensors being out of alignment are mainly because the mounting brackets housing these sensors get dislodged with vibration from a rusty door. Periodic scheduled maintenance is suggested by manufacturers, these being quarterly, half yearly or annual maintenance. Spending a little money on industrial roller doors in Adelaide tend to save the operators from big repair bills later on.