Spine pain in Multiple Sclerosis

There are various reasons as to why you experience pain in your spinal cord. You may suffer an injury or you may experience pain due to wrong posture. If you are suffering from spine pain North Sydney then you should visit a specialist or a chiropractor.

Back pain and Multiple Sclerosis:

The most common reason behind acute back pain is multiple sclerosis. If a person is suffering from this disease then having back pain is a normal thing. This disease is common these days as it affects a large number of people worldwide. This disease can prove to be fatal because it attacks the nervous system in such a way that its effects cannot be reversed or treated. You must know that all the nerves in a human body are covered with a protective sheath and if a person is suffering from this disease then it means that the sheath is destroyed which eventually destroys the immune system. When nervous system comes under attack, the coordination and communication between the brain and the rest of the body is disrupted.

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During the intermediate stages of the multiple sclerosis, the nervous system begins to collapse. The person cannot focus and loses the ability to walk or talk. Many people who suffer from this disease make it worse by doing spinal exercises which speed up the demise process. If you are suffering from this disease, it is better to stop the exercises and consult a doctor or a therapist before continuing.

Spinal pain:

If a person is suffering from multiple sclerosis then chances are that he would also suffer from unbearable spinal pain. The pain becomes so severe that the person finds it even difficult to concentrate or talk. They cannot describe the pain to the doctor because they don’t know exactly what part of their back hurts. They feel like their whole body is on fire. The pain is different for every person suffering from the disease. Some feel acute burning situation while some patients feel as if the pain is traveling from one body part to another. However, some also feel as if a weight has been put upon the spinal cord. It can also be stabbing or shooting pain that can extend down to lower extremities.

Although it doesn’t have a standard treatment plan because every patient has varied systems but most of the times anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. It is better to visit therapists because massage can also help a lot with pain relief. There are many techniques that are used to ease pressure. Many patients prefer cold compresses to ease the pressure while others prefer a hot bath or a whirlpool.

There are a few medicines that are strong painkillers and have the ability to provide relief from the pain but it is temporary and comes back in short time period. The medicines can get rid of pain in joints and muscles but the pain in the nervous system doesn’t go away.

Pain relief:

Although different people use different techniques for back pain, many people find relief by using light weight back support. The braces that are used for support are adjustable which means that you can add or reduce the weight to your comfort and ease. Not only do these help you with pain relief but also improve the posture as well. These braces are the best option when it comes to pain relieving products. For more options on improving the quality of life and for pain relief, you should see a Chiropractor North Sydney.