Special Tips for Cardboard Packaging to Move Goods and Gifts

While shipping goods for longer distances, Cardboard packaging provides an ideal solution to the users. They can implement a DIY strategy to keep the valuables safer during transportation from the source to destination. Only cardboard is not sufficient to accomplish the task but the style of packaging is also vital to secure the goods. If you are doing it on your own, use the following tips to get the best results:

Larger Items Are at The Bottom:

What if you place heavier items on the top? You would end up damaging the soft goods located at the base of the cardboard. Therefore, make sure to place the larger ones right at the bottom and small goods at the top. It will help to strike a balance and ensure that the package content safely reaches the destination.

Packaging Tape:

This tape should be used to ensure that the box ends are properly supported. Tapes need to cover not only the top and bottom but also the right and left sides of the box. They do not allow the goods to slip out of the cardboard. Tight packing is essential to absorb the shocks during the journey.

Usage of edge protectors offers an additional layer of security to the users as they prevent the cardboard edge from opening or getting torn.

Place an Upper Limit on The Weight of Boxes:

The total weight of the cardboard boxes while shipping should not be more than 20Kg. People cannot unload extremely heavy items easily and the chances of breakage also increase. You should try to create more boxes of small weight for the ease of transportation. People should also check whether the boxes can be closed because the open cardboard packages are prone to breakdown and theft.

Old shipping labels need to be removed from boxes as it is a frugal way of packaging the goods. In short, packages need to be relabeled before they are sent to the intended destination. To successfully pack the items, use H tape strategy that is highly popular among the users. They are pasted across the length and breadth of the cardboard seam.

Nested Boxes: 

To make the goods more secured, you can always use the nested box option. It is especially useful for the fragile products such as television and multimedia devices. A single box is filled with another box and the inside content is completely insulated from the surroundings.

The Larger box is placed inside the smaller box and it is tied with the tape to maintain the hold over the container. As a result, the goods can be shipped easily within the shortest possible brief time frame.

How to Ship the Cookies:

To ship the cookies, you should pack them in the food containers and heaviest ones should be stored at the bottom of the cardboard. The above-mentioned technique is far effective to keep the cookie from getting pressed during the journey.

Labeling the Boxes:

Since boxes are to be assembled and disassembled, it is vital to track them with the help of labels. You can ensure that not a single item is lost at the time of shipment. It is an essential activity that should not be neglected or else you might stare at a huge loss on arrival at destination.

There are different techniques to pack the goods; however, the focus should on the safe and secured transportation. If you are not confident of handling the task, contact suitable professionals to get the job done. The selection of the packing service depends on the quality and experience.