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School catering in Peterborough and parent’s dietary concerns

School lunches have been a cause of concern for parents for a long time. It is possible that when you look back at your experience of school lunches, it may bring back very fond memories. It is possible they fond memories, but not very healthy ones. Your school lunches may not have been very nutritious and flavour full. That’s the thing about being a parent, you do not want your kids to stuff themselves with junk food or anything unhealthy for that matter.

Though eating healthy, starts at home, but it should be carried on at school. It is a habit you want your kids to keep, the more you want it the harder it seems because you cannot monitor what they eat at school. Half the time they are awake during the day, they  are in school, probably stuffing themselves with all the junk that is there in the form of crisps and chocolates as well as hot meals such as pizza and fried chicken. The only thing is children find it hard to make healthy choices themselves.  One way of handling this problem is to eliminate unhealthy choices from the school menu. I mean, once in a while, it’s alright to take the kids out for a bit of fun. But not every day. Once you start putting up healthy meals at home the next step is the school catering in Peterborough.

School caterings do  not just have to cater to the essential nutrient requirements of the students, but also to the special dietary needs of children. This includes gluten intolerance’s, lactose intolerance as well nut allergies. In addition, as the world has become a global village and people from all over the world are living in Peterborough, some ethnicities have certain dietary requirements. So in such a situation, it is important that the school catering in Peterborough caters to their needs as well.

school catering

If you are looking for a school catering service, you should take into account a few other factors as well. Firstly, the catering company should follow industry guidelines and council regulations for school meals. Secondly, you need to know what meals they are offering and at what price. Naturally, school meals are also on a budget. In addition, when a school decides to revamp its menu, it should also try and take on board the students. It is going to be a good idea to hold short interactive sessions on healthy eating. The following are a few measures that you can take to ensure that your kids eat healthy:

  • Food portions should have sizeably large amounts of fruit and vegetables
  • Plus, most of the fruit should be eaten and not in juice form.
  • Make each meal consist of all essential vitamins.
  • It is important for everybody on campus and at home to commit to the healthy eating regimen.
  • Exercise should be a regular part of lessons every day not just twice in a school week.

Obesity is a common problem in western countries. It is on an alarming increase among children. Healthy eating is an important contributor to keeping obesity at bay. However, it is not the only factor that helps keep children and adults healthy. Regular exercise is extremely important. Not only does exercise help keep the body healthy but it is important for a healthy mind as well. people who eat and sleep well are more likely to perform at school and work.