Sandstone Retaining Wall in Brisbane and Plain Stone Walls for the Win!

Want to compartmentalize your garden to add a neat look or want to practically keep soil erosion at bay? Or simply want to insulate your house against the harsh weather? Stone walls in Brisbane are extremely multifunctional, can be installed in the exterior house as well as the interior to add aesthetic and convenience. As far as aesthetics go, there is hardly any material that can rival the aesthetic and appearance that stone brings. Along with looks it also keeps the inside temperature of the house a moderate temperature in winter and summer. In this article we will in depth discuss how your property can benefit from the inclusion of stone in it.

Let us start by aesthetics. To effectively enhance the appearance of any room on your property, interior designers and stylists suggest adding a textured wall. For example, if you’re sitting room is a plain room with painted walls all around, the effect can be rather bland. The best place to incorporate a stone wall would be the entry way itself that separates both the rooms. If possible then taking down the concrete painted wall, and installed a natural stone wall will not only uplift the appearance of one room but rather two. A stone can add an amazing look to the whole interior to the indoors. By opting for beige and brown colour for stones, you can paint the rest of the house as you like without having to worry about the colours of the paint clashing. A neutral brown is a great colour with which any colour will contrast beautifully.

In the outdoors a sandstone retaining wall in Brisbane can beautifully tidy your garden up. If there are any slopes or land gradients on your property, you can use retaining walls to keep the soil erosion at bay so it does not infiltrate your garden. By opting for a natural white, grey and off-white combination stone wall, you can give your garden a very rustic, natural and environmentally friendly look. These walls can be used in shorter aside along flower beds and like mentioned above on gradients. If the structure of your house is slightly higher than the garden then using retaining walls to keep the surface intact is the best way. Some people do make use of wood for retaining walls like timber, but since wood decomposes over time and gets eaten by insects, stones prove to be more permanent. A well-built retaining wall can easily last for a lifetime and more. They require minimum maintenance once installed.

If the area you live in is prone to breaking out fires, then stone walls can safely guard your property. Stone is fire resistant and can hold up without cracking or letting the fire come into your property. Because it is a great insulator it also does not get your house hot during the harsh winter. The pre-requisite for this is that most if not all outer walls of your place need to be stone cladded or made out of stone. Stone will effectively keep the heat out as it does not easily absorb it, making you use less electricity for air conditioning.