Sandstone blocks are a better option for cladding your home

Everyone wants their house to look beautiful and stylish. Cladding is an easy way of making your house beautiful and stylish. Cladding also protects your house from elements by defending the brickwork. It helps in preventing the structural damage. Cladding can be made of materials including wood, metal, brick, vinyl, sandstone blocks, aluminum, wood, and blends of cement. It improves the appearance of the building. Cladding can also prove to be waterproof for buildings according to the material used for it. It adds another layer to the wall which helps to insulate your home from rain, heat etc.

Cladding reduces the need for maintenance. As it adds another layer to the wall which reduces the damage and which causes in the reduction of maintenance work. Brickwork often requires repairs because it can’t resist weather and due to which it needs painting, repairing etc. But cladding resists heavy weather which reduces the amount to be spent on repairs. It makes the house look beautiful and stylish. If you want to have a new look for your house then you don’t have to move you just have to apply cladding it will give your house a new look.

Cladding is available in many types. Sandstone cladding is one of these types. The material used in this type of cladding is sandstone. Sandstone is a type of a rock composed of quartz and feldspar. They are the most resistance material on the earth’s surface to weathering. They are often used for cladding purpose. They look natural and beautiful. If you like a natural look on your walls you should defiantly go for sandstone cladding. It offers an amazing variety of shades, colors, and designs. It offers custom designs.

Due to its vast variety, it can be matched with any color scheme and the combination of colors. It is the color and texture of sandstone which makes everything else dead in front of it. It comes in a beautiful range of black and white to so elegant highly toned red, yellow and blue. This is where sandstone really makes a point. This huge range of colors can be used anywhere you want. Sandstone is affordable and beautiful. Other materials used for cladding are much more expensive than this one. These claddings are affixed to the wall using mortar mix.


Before buying these blocks for cladding of your walls you have to keep these things in mind. There are some dealers in the market which don’t provide the original stone. They give you fake stones and take the amount of real. So make sure that you are going to a trusted supplier and getting the real stones. Before applying contact a designer for the color combinations and designs. He will guide you about what color and design to use. Lastly, hire an experienced service provider to apply the cladding. Contact him before buying the blocks. He will tell you about how many blocks would be enough for your house. Hope this article helps you in know about cladding your home by sandstone.