Understanding the process behind the operation of Explainer Video Production Company

Making videos is a booming business that involves multi-step process with more than one expert. When it comes to the best Explainer Video Production Company in the business there has to be a team that comprises of illustrator, animator, storywriter, sound-effects and voice-over artists. If you would like to hire one for your next project then it would suffice to know all the steps that go into making a venture successful. You start with the brief given by the client which is usually in the form of a questionnaire. This will give you as a scriptwriter a better insight into the requirements of the company. If there are any doubts between two parties, those can be cleared by arranging a meeting between the client and the scriptwriter.

Once you collect all the relevant information, a secondary research can be carried out where there is confusion. The brief will be explained to the animator and storyboard artists. When both of them are on the same page, a meeting is arranged with the scriptwriter where the video storyline is visualized. During this phase, visual elements and characterization are finalized. When everything is on the finishing stage, the video script will take its final shape.  Once the script takes a physical shape, it is sent to the client for approval. On an average you will find 50-160 words in a 60 seconds video script. Next, comes the phase where a voiceover is recorded and placed as a background narration.

For those who are new to this field will benefit from knowing that storyboarding revolves around sketching the scenes of the video, frame-by-frame. Once you are happy with the final product, it will be sent to the client for approval. Next is the stage where illustration and colorization are applied to the storyboard. When everyone is happy with the results, they move onto the animation process. This is perhaps the most lengthy and time consuming process where characters and elements are brought to life. The animation will be performed on the final voiceover which will give proper synchronization between the visual and audio footage.

You will see the final results when the voiceover and animation are combined to produce the video. Sound effects will be added next to improve and enhance the video quality. Once the client approves of the final product, the source files are delivered to him.  The client may have a certain requirement i.e. ‘MOV’, ‘AVI’ and/or ‘MP4’ format(s). This step will mark the final stage of the Explainer Video in Sydney. We hope that the information compiled here will prove useful in your future endeavors. You may also look for recommendations from friends and colleagues when selecting the final option. If you are looking for high video quality then give the production team adequate time to conceptualize. This will give outstanding results. You are investing a substantial amount of money and deserve to get a return that does justice. Before you hire anyone make sure to take a quote in writing so that it avoids any confusion.