Keeping those Wine bottles chilled with dual temperature wine cooler

Becoming a wine collector is no doubt for the affluent. To have more than a 100 bottles is not unusual for a wine collector. One has to chuck out money for the wine bottles as well as for the costly coolers required for their storage. There are a few storage options available namely, a refrigerator, a cooler, an individual wine chiller, a thermo-electric cooler as well as a dual cooler. The primary idea behind a dual zone cooler is to store both red and white wine within the same cooler.

With the dual temperature wine cooler, Red wine is stored at a temperature, between 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and white wine being stored at temperatures between 45 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. One can observe that the temperature range spread is only 5 degrees for white wine; while a 14 to 16 degree lesser specific temperature spread is the requirement for red wine. That is interesting to note that when a single temperature zone cooler is used to store both these types of wines a universal mean temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit is chosen. Keeping your wines cool is a sure way from preventing them to age prematurely.

There is a difference between wine storage temperatures and wine serving temperatures. White wine is to be served chilled while red wine is to be served at close to room temperatures. So, one can withdraw a white wine bottle from the cooler just before serving. As for red wine, that should be removed from the coolers well in advance so as to adjust to room temperatures.


The three pre-conditions for storing wine are that the temperatures it should be close to those mentioned above, little or no vibration and that the wine should be kept away from Sunlight. With the advancement of technology, the cooler motors have an almost negligible vibration. Heavy vibration causing machines like a washing machine, drill machine, and grinder operation should be carried out far away from these storage coolers. As far as sunlight is concerned dual temperature wine coolers use a tinted glass door so as to prevent direct sun-rays falling upon the wine bottles.