How Commercial Scaffolding In London Is Different Than Domestic

When embarking on a constructional project, whether domestic or commercial, there are a few things that you always need to keep heed of and that is scaffolding. Commercial scaffolding in London is used exceedingly by contractors and construction companies alike. While a layman might think that the scaffolding used and the rules pertaining to workers who work with scaffolding are the same that is not usually the case. In this article we will shed some light as to what makes the two different and what standards, procedures and rules apply to them. Keeping in mind the size of the building, one can easily gauge as to how visibly the type of scaffolding used in differently sized buildings would be.

Safety precautions

Needless to say, everybody understands how commercial construction pertains to the building of bigger buildings as compared to the structure of a house. We are talking about plazas, shopping malls and corporate business buildings. These structures are built at very high heights and the rules applied to the scaffolds and workers are different as well. Where in a small scale construction project the workers have to wear fluorescent vests and helmets are protective gear but in high rise buildings they have to wear additional harness like and clips too. Some contractors also make the workers go through extra training and explain safety measures when working on a specifically tall building.

Difference in technique

As far as houses go, they are for the most part constructed using a rule of thumb. They do not steer from the conventional four walls and a roof above structure so the scaffolding required for them can be availed very easily. Commercial buildings on the other hand which are being constructed following a unique architectural style need the scaffolding made to order. This kind of scaffolding is called bespoke scaffolding which is made to cater to the construction of a one of a kind building. The traditional rules and assembling of scaffolds are forgotten and assembling is done to suit the requirements of this one specific building.

Different workers

While small companies may have the same set of team working for domestic and commercial customers alike, there are most companies that keep the two separate. Like explained above, a building with a new innovative design requires custom scaffolding and having a separate team for commercial work, just makes it easier for the service provider. Not only that, but this makes both the teams’ experts in what they do. The different safety and altered methods used in both scaffoldings is what prompts service providers to keep both teams separate. Having a single person work commercial and domestic may affect their work whereas a designated person for a specific time of work will make them an expert.

Keeping these points in mind you can make the right decision when looking for commercial scaffolding in London. While domestic scaffolding may come at a cheaper price, it may put your workers in harms’ way. Another thing to keep in mind is to always hire or rent scaffolding instead of buying it. If it is a single commercial project that you will be working then renting is definitely the better way to go. on the other hand if you are a contractor and want to become a scaffolding contractor, then by all means go ahead and make the purchase. For this, you will need a team of dedicated professional who you will have to train about all things scaffolding. You need to get your company licensed and your workers professionally trained to be able to work properly and avoid any damage and harm to a person or a working site.