Home Automation Systems; Bring your Homes to Life

The term smart house sounds like something out of a fiction movie. When you think about the future, you might think about the house seeming alive, talking to you and doing all the chores. Well, that future isn’t so far ahead of us. Most of our houses are already installed with various automated technologies like Security alarms, security cameras, our garage doors and central cooling or heating systems. And this is not something that just wealthy people are capable of doing. Home automation systems Perth can cost you as low as $1000 per room.

Your house has many of the home automation technologies already installed but they’re working on an individual level. The magic happens when all of these individual systems are integrated with the system that can listen, control and manage all these systems from one place or hub. This hub can be controlled by a remote, an interface or even voice controlled.

Five reasons of as to why home automation systems in Perth are becoming so popular:


Security systems are much more complex nowadays, many have a built in home automation feature in addition to the passive infrared contact and sound sensors. Many can call local authorities as soon as the alarm trip. But with an integrated home automation system a whole series of events can take place as soon as the alarm trips. When a un authorized entrance is detected, the system can turn all the lights on at once and close windows, call for help and sound alarm or flash lights to warn the neighbors as well.


With home automation system, the family movie time can become even more fun. With just one flick or a voice command your favorite movie can be played and at the same time, it can dim the lights start the popcorn maker. When you come home at night after a tiring day it can soften the lights playing your favorite music and load up your favorite TV show on the screen just by the closing of your garage door.


A home automation system can make your life easier in ways you can never even imagine. There are so many applications running in the background without you ever realizing. When you enter the home and open the door the lights can turn them on, it can light your way with each step you take the gardens pathway or the stairs. It can detect whether there is an activity in a room or not and thus can turn extra appliances off saving you a lot of money.

And the best and most important reason of all,


Seriously, how many of us wanted a futuristic house when we were kids? Who wouldn’t want to live in a house of fantasies, wonders, and magic?  All of these futuristic techs certainly, do bring out the kid in all of us.