Go the Green Way by Making Use of Bunnings Benchtops in Your Kitchen

Are you renovating your kitchen? Or are you simply looking for ideas and checking out different materials to use for your benchtop for any future renovations? We can relate to both of the situations. In this article we will discuss the various benefits and aesthetics one can make themselves privy to making the use of a Bunnings timber benchtop. Why Bunnings you might ask? This is because it is one of the leading retailers when it comes to timber benchtops. Not only timber but laminate and stone benchtops as well. Read on below to get ideas of how to effectively incorporate a timber as a benchtop without clashing designs and interiors.

First of all, let us dive into the environmentally friendly aspect of opting for a timber benchtop. This becomes the major moving factor for people who strive to make decisions and choices which will not have a bad effect on the environment. The people who want to live a green life. How is timber a green option when someone is literally cutting trees off to manufacture a benchtop you might ask? Well, most timber benchtops are manufactured from recycled wood or wood that has been disposed of so this is basically them re-using something and putting it to good use. Because the wood is recycled, it comes at a fairly cheap price and is durable as well. While it may not be as durable as natural stone benchtops, it certainly can be restored to its pristine condition with a little TLC and maintenance. This can be done with the help of sanding and polishing where the top-most rough layer of the wood will be rubbed off using abrasive materials until fresh, new wood appears. It is then sealed with a chemical to preserve the colour and prevent any damage to the wood.

If you want a new piece of wood to be used for your benchtop, there are numerous options to choose from, depending on your preference for colour, function and design. A good and safe way to go about is to choose a light coloured wood if you want to go with a light and open look for your kitchen. Imagine the walls and the cabinetry has been painted white. The kitchen has a lot of windows with natural light filling the room. The window panes and the flooring can be wood so the benchtop may not look like the odd one out. In contrast to the open, light and airy aesthetic the other option that you have is the traditional dark wood colonial interior. This hints to timber floors that have been stained to look dark and other some parts of the cabinetry too. The stained wood interior adds a very regal look to a space but must be used when the space you have is sufficient. In cramped spaces Bunnings benchtops are probably not the best idea.

Depending on the usage you have for your benchtop, you do want to select the material carefully. Though wood may not be the most durable material in the market as stone offers far more strength and longevity, recycled wood can easily be replaced and at a less price. Not to forget the sanding and polishing option too.