Factors to consider in selecting a Driving Instructor in Dagenham

A teacher leaves a very deep impression on an individual, especially when faced with perplexing instances later on in life. A driving instructor is no less, with the student remembering many of the simple and basic instructions in coping with an emergency, a lifetime reflection. As learning to drive is at many times is a life-threatening situation, hence, it is imperative that one tries to hire the best driving instructor in Dagenham available under the circumstances.

  A few tips on how to hire a good driving instructor.

  • Ensure that your driver is properly qualified

An instructor who has passed his instructor test is known as an ADI, approved driving instructor. A sure shot way of confirming this is to look for a green sticker on his car windshield. If for any reason the sticker is not displayed on the windscreen, for example, a driving instructor using a car other than his own, one could request the ADI to kindly show that. In the case of a pink sticker on the windscreen, that would be indicative of a student driving instructor

  • The grade the driving instructor is rated at.

Driving Standards agencies rate an instructor from 1 to 6.  One would want to hire an instructor to be rated at least in the fourth-grade rating. The top 6th grade instructors are very rare, are not easily found and in many cases just not available.

  • The percentage of pass rates his students get in the driving test.

In every country, the average pass rate differs, so whatever the average prevailing pass rates for students be for a country, the instructor’s statistics should at least echo these statistics concerning his students.

  • The type of car chosen for the driving test.

With a Driving Instructor in Dagenham, one would normally use the instructor’s car or driving school’s car for learning driving. That is because a driving school car or individual driver instructor’s car is equipped with dual controls. A dangerous action by a novice student in congested city traffic could translate into disastrous consequences. For this reason by law that is mandatory for driving instructors to teach from a dual controlled car. The instructor, via dual control, could override the student’s actions thereby saving a potential accident. What type of license one is aiming for? a full license or a restricted automatic license. In the case of learning how to drive from an automatic car the driving license issued will be applicable only for a person to drive an automatic car. Such a restricted license will not be usable for driving a car equipped with a manual gearbox. Conversely, a person having been issued a full driving license could drive both types of cars, that is manual or automatic.

  • Choosing a driving instruction by referrals or online reviews.

Blindly choosing an instructor without carrying out a proper search is not recommended. From personal experience, people could suggest a very pertinent instructor. Some people may have passed their driving test a long time ago, they may be unable to give referrals, researching online reviews would be a good guide.