Domestic Cleaning In London Is Sometimes Hard For Housewives

I happened to watch a humorous appeal based advertisement once. It goes something like this. A man just enters the house and spots his two kids playing on ground with mud and mud everywhere. With a little confusion on his face he enters the drawing room. The scene drawing room is presenting astonishes him even more. Couches are stained, vases are broken, and toys are scattered everywhere. Then like a lightening, a thought goes through his mind, “where is his wife?” He rushes towards the bedroom and finds his wife…….!! playing with her cell phone. With stupid expressions he asks his wife: “What is all this hon?”  The wife replies with a clam tone and careless words: “You ask me every day that what is that I do every day. So I didn’t do that today”. This is how difficult domestic cleaning in London is.

Husbands generally look upon the house cleaning chores as an inferior job. My sincere apologies to you my fellows, not all of them of course, but many of them do take the work their wives do for granted. But today is the day to make them realize what it actually takes to clean a house.

Cleaning, Cleaning and Cleaning:

First of all it is important to understand that cleaning is not like writing a report sitting in a cozy and comfortable seat in an office that you just have to do once, rather it’s a continuous process. If children are involved, then it becomes an indefinitely continuous process. With kids roaming however they want around the house cleaning becomes like writing on magic slate. You do it they undo it, you do it again they too repeat their part. So considering cleaning as a one-attempt done job, is a grave misunderstanding on husband’s part.

There is only one way the husbands can redeem their deeds. By assisting in daily cleaning, if cannot do so then by providing their beloved wives with professional domestic cleaning services

Second misunderstanding that normally conveyed by the husbands in these words: “There is not much to clean in our house love.” Let us take a moment to evaluate this statement.  There might not be as much as a wife was promised before marriage, but there is much more for that wife to spend the whole day in cleaning. Rooms full of furniture, garden full of plants, kitchen full of cupboards and last but not in any way the least a house full of children. If that doesn’t seem to be much, god knows what will.

There is no Holiday:

Weekends are the days working husbands enjoy at home. At least their job is giving them a couple of days to relax and feel free. What do wives get cleaning the house for seven days a week and God knows how many times a day? Nothing! This is clear discrimination.

Thanks to those companies who can arrange a day off for such hard working wives. By providing specialist cleaners for domestic cleaning in London, these companies serve a big cause of saving many marriages in England.