choose the best exercise equipment for back problems

If you are suffering from a back pain and you are looking for the best exercise equipment for back problems then, this blog will help you out in choosing suitable equipment.

According to a research, 80% of adults suffer from “back pain” and treating back pain would be costly. Back pain can be eliminated by strengthening your back muscles and this would be possible if you exercise. Listed below are the  best exercise equipment for back problems:

Isometric equipment:

You can easily get an equipment to do isometrics. This exercise is being used to cure the back pain in the past. These days, so many types of equipment are available for Isometric exercise. You can practice this exercise anywhere and anytime. This will also help in muscle strengthening, muscle rehabilitation, and muscle activation. On top of that this will help to increase the flexibility and increase your mental health.

Spine Corrector:

Spine Corrector helps you get rid of the back pain. You need to lie over the barrel on the top of the arc, but it is important to keep your head secure on the mat. Your back and head should be against the curve and the legs should be straight while doing this exercise. Spine corrector will worth every cent you pay as it the .

Weight machines:

You don’t have to bend to lift the weight. Weight machines are easy to adjust. They let you adjust the weight easily that you are lifting.

Elliptical trainer:

Elliptical trainer works great for the people who back pain and joint pain. As they put less stress on your back and your knees. You can do low impact cardio workouts with an Elliptical trainer. Some machines also allow you to adjust the settings such as incline and resistance.

Stationary bikes:

Stationary bikes are of two different types, so you can select the one you are most comfortable with. People with the condition of spinal stenosis usually opt for upright exercise bikes as these are comfortable and help relieve the back pain. People with lower back pain prefer recumbent exercise bike as these are comfier and provides a support for your back. Stationary bikes are also great for your aerobic exercises and it helps strengthen the lower body with little effort. This just involves your lower body you should also do some exercise for your upper body to keep a balance.

Types of equipment to avoid if you are suffering from a back pain:

There are some equipment that you should avoid if you are suffering from a back pain. A treadmill can cause harmful vibrations that will affect the area of your spine so it is suggested to avoid. You should also avoid lying on a leg press machine, although this works for your leg, this machine will also stress your back. Hip abductors can also put pressure on your spine, hence are not considered best exercise equipment for back problems and should be avoided.

Choose the best exercise equipment for back problems that will help you to get rid of your back pain.