4 Christmas Party Ideas Gold In Coast For A Guaranteed Fun Time

With Thanksgiving gone, it is officially time to get your things in order for Christmas. Being one of the most celebrated religious festivals of the world, there are a million things to do for Christmas if you do not feel like spending it by going back home to your family. Or even if you are with family, these versatile Christmas party ideas in Gold Coast will get you through Christmas with a guaranteed fun time. Do not feel like celebrating? Do not worry as all of these ideas are carefully put together for people who do not want to interact a lot socially and those who thrive on social interaction equally.

A movie marathon

How could we not put this option in? A viable option for people who love social gatherings and those who would prefer to stay alone, movies can be watched either way. By inviting your friends over or by assembling the whole family in front of the television, you can watch 3 to 4 holiday movies for a great time. Pass around some spiked eggnog to make the time jollier. Home Alone 1, 2 and A Christmas Carol are classics. If you are not watching these in the holidays what you even doing? Want something recently released? The Princess Switch streams on Netflix and is a nice watch too.

Gift exchanging party

A.K.A. White Elephant, why not assemble your closed group of friends and gift each other anonymously? To make things you can bring some changes to the rules. The low budget set for gifts is clichéd and if you have the money to spare, why not treat your friends? Set a high end budget or select a designer store and buy each other stuff from them. Another change that can be made to it is to pick out dirty gifts only. This can quickly turn into quite a fun filled night. We mean, how many dirty gifts exchanging parties have you heard of really? For a more family orientated version of it you can pick out a designer store or just plainly set a low end budget and the whole family, extended even can participate in it.

One Dish

This party idea honestly ranks in the top two party ideas for me. Whether you have a closely knit circle of friends, a huge family gathering or a big class or work dinner, you can have everybody bring something in, in moderate portions of course. If there are a lot of people coming in, it can automatically be a stay at home buffet lunch or dinner. To make this idea more inclusive, meaningful and fun, set the rule of everyone having to cool their own food. This should then set a challenge for the non-cooks and be more fun, whether done with family or with friends.

Go out!

If you are tired of staying in cooped up for exams and are finally free to enjoy the holidays, why not grab a couple of your friends and head out? And if you are going out you might as well hire a party service. There are plenty of places in Gold Coast that offer great party service. They come out to your home or place, pick you up in limousines, take you to exotic pubs, bars and sometimes yachts too, to party the night away. For a fun, alcohol and dance filled night, go with this idea.

These Christmas party ideas in Gold Coast should get you on your way to celebrate Christmas in the best meaningful way.